Booms and bowsprit

  1. G60350
    € 65,10
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  2. INM_12090__
    € 499,00

    Telescopic spi pole 60

    Possible to stretch the telescopic pole up to 150% of the normal length of a ...

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  3. INM_12086__
    € 39,00

    Inox pole ring Radius profile ...

    Selden inox outrigger ring with an interior diameter 30mm. The choice of mode...

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  4. INM_12105__
    € 647,00

    Sprit alu Tube Tube Ø 87 mm,...

    Selden retractable bowsprit. Sold in a kit (fixing by two u-bolts+bow support...

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  5. INM_11032__
    € 255,00

    Complete pole Complete pole

    Pole cut to exact dimensions in the factory(precise dimensions taken by order...

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  6. INM_17763__
    € 367,30

    Alu bowsprit Alu bowsprit

    VGM outside end in aluminium for asymmetrical spi or gennaker.
    Fixed by 4 scr...

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  7. INM_16156__
    € 125,20

    SELDEN pole ends Medium model

    Selden pole tips, composite for a gain in weight : rapid and easy to manœuvre...

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  8. INM_17807__
    € 61,20
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  9. G61050
    € 25,30
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