Radio & Navtex receivers

  1. INM_14766__

    SANGEAN Marine receiver ATS 90...

    Global marine receiver ATS 909X SANGEAN multi-band frequency synthesizer with...

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  2. INM_7640___

    NX300D Pro NX300D Pro

    Receiver Furuno NX300DPRO Navtex bi-frequency large screen LCD (4,5”) adjusta...

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  3. INM_17870__
    € 365,00

    EASYNavtex EASYNavtex

    NAVTEX NASA CLIPPER bi-frequency with antenna

    Receive the weather throughout...

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  4. INM_21294__
    € 67,90

    PMR 446 Midland XT 50 PMR 446 ...

    The PMR 446 Midland XT 50 is a pair of ready-to-use walkie-talkies
    Free commu...

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  5. INM_21305__
    € 78,90

    PMR 446 Midland G5C PMR 446 Mi...

    The PMR 446 Midland G5-C is a medium-range walkie talkie with compact size an...

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