Tablets and smartphone accessories

  1. INM_21709__
    € 57,90

    Waterproof shells for iPhone 5...

    4 protections: chocs, eau, neige et sable.

    - Protection chocs: hauteur de ch...

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  2. INM_18978__
    € 47,90

    Waterproof shells Waterproof s...

    For iPhone 5/5SIPX7

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  3. INM_16838__
    € 79,90

    Vibe Monster portable loud spe...

    The Vibe Monster active omnidirectional loud speaker is portable, with power ...

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  4. INM_16909__
    € 14,90

    iPhone amplifier For iPhone 4 ...

    Portable amplifier for iPhone. Amplifies the sound of 13dB without using ener...

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  5. INM_19646__
    € 19,90

    ClipEyz™ 180° wide angle lens...

    Turn your smartphone or tablet into a camera with this feature! You can easil...

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  6. INM_21458__
    € 29,90

    SCANSTRUT Double USB socket, w...

    Double USB port waterproof 12-24V. Ideal for recharging your devices on boar...

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  7. INM_19049__
    € 38,70

    Universal support For tablet

    Adjustable suction cup holder for tablets and iPad. Self-adhesive adapter inc...

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  8. INM_19051__
    € 15,10

    Universal support For smartphone

    Adjustable support with suction cup mounting or for tubes with a maximum diam...

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  9. INM_21430__
    € 41,90

    ROKK MINI universal ball joint...

    ROKK MINI base element, from which you can adapt a smartphone or tablet brack...

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  10. INM_21431__
    € 19,20

    ROKK MINI smartphone support S...

    Universal support smartphones, VHF, GPS and sounders.

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  11. INM_21432__
    € 26,40

    ROKK MINI tablet support Suppo...

    Universal support for any type of tablet.

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  12. INM_21433__
    € 26,40

    ROKK MINI suction cup Suction cup

    High-performance suction cup, adapts to any rigid, clean, smooth and non text...

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  13. INM_21434__
    € 15,60

    ROKK MINI flat mounting base F...

    Base for flat mounting with 4 screws. Fits any flat surface. 3M adhesive to a...

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  14. INM_21435__
    € 26,40

    ROKK MINI tube mounting base T...

    For tube ø 19 to 34 mm. Comes with 3 grip inserts.

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