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  1. INM_SOROMAP_Y_479____5402___
    € 47,90

    Interior Dollaro white - m

    Interior PVC felt to renovate, insulate the inside of your boat. Very good re...

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  2. INM_SOROMAP_Y_479____5540___
    € 51,20

    Sunbrella® Canvas Navy Captain...

    Sunbrella®+ from SOROMAP is a breathable fabric with an additional anti-funga...

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  3. No picture available - product
    € 19,30

    Fabric Polyester coating White...

    Polyester fabric from SOROMAP is a lightweight fabric anti-UV acrylate coatin...

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  4. INM_SOROMAP_Y_479____5469___
    € 12,70

    Fabric Cristal m m

    Crystal fabric 50/100 from SOROMAP is transparent and supple. Clear. UV resis...

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  5. INM_SOROMAP_Y_479____5590___
    € 23,80

    Fabric Dralon white White - m

    Dralon fabric from SOROMAP is an acrylic fabric dyed, Width 120 cm, weight 30...

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  6. INM_SOROMAP_Y_479____5540___
    € 41,00

    Canvas Sunbrella® Captain Navy...

    The canvas Sunbrella® from SOROMAP is a breathable fabric that prevents heat ...

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