Gelcoat & osmosis treatment

  1. INM_18380__
    € 27,50

    Spatulable white gelcoat 750 c...

    Gelcoat white can be applied thickly.

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  2. INM_7042___
    € 25,90

    Gelcoat white Accelerated, non...

    Comes with catalyser. Moulding gelcoat.

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  3. INM_18379__
    € 17,60

    Gelcoat white accelerated para...

    The SOROMAP gelcoat possesses an elaborate isophthalic based resin finish. I...

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  4. INM_21542__
    € 9,95

    Gelcoat tube 75 ml Neutral whi...

    Paraffined pre-accelerated gelcoat in tube of 75ml,for retouching, comes with...

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  5. INM_12911__

    Gelshield Plus 2,25 L Pastel B...

    Gelshield Plus from INTERNATIONAL is an epoxy solvent free primer for repair ...

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  6. B27525

    Gelshield 200 750 ml Grey Past...

    Gelshield 200 from INTERNATIONAL is an epoxy primer used to protect, from osm...

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  7. INM_13050__
    € 39,80

    Primer PO NAUTIX 750 ml

    PO primer from NAUTIX is an excellent bonding primer (1 layer) or protection ...

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  8. INM_18496__
    € 39,90

    Epoxygard Primer 750 ml

    Primer high-end, next generation, for the protection of the hull and paint ad...

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