Mastics and coating

  1. INM_18508__
    € 6,95

    Mastic polyester 250 g

    Finishing mastic, 2 component very fine grain. Easy sanding giving a very nic...

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  2. INM_18509__
    € 7,70

    Reinforced polyester mastic 200 g

    SOROMAP reinforced mastic is a polyester paste reinforced with fiberglass for...

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  3. INM_18490__
    € 27,50

    Mastic epoxy "Speed 1P1" 400 g...

    Speed 1P1 from SOROMAP is a 2-part epoxy fast drying putty for repairs of up...

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  4. INM_18376__
    € 12,60

    EPOFIX epoxy mastic 60 g

    SOROMAP 2-component epoxy putty for minor repairs. Presentation very practica...

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  5. INM_17385__
    € 15,60

    Poxymatic epoxy alu mastic 24 ...

    Epoxy resin filler with aluminum. Repair and refill of aluminum parts. Harden...

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  6. INM_12450__
    € 18,60

    Mastic Epoxy "META-MATT" 63 g

    META-MATT Epoxy mastic from MATT CHEM MARINE for caulking and repair is a pas...

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  7. INM_13039__
    € 23,90

    Epoxy Coating "Watertight" 250 ml

    Watertight from NAUTIX is a coating consisting of fine fillers very slight se...

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  8. INM_12910__

    Epoxy Coating "Watertite" 250 ml

    Watertite from INTERNATIONAL is an epoxy coating very easy to use (mixing rat...

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  9. INM_12948__
    € 23,70

    BET 149 Mastic Epoxy/Titanium ...

    MATT CHEM MARINE bi-component epoxy and titanium base mastic enables cold wel...

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  10. INM_21050__
    € 22,60

    SPEED T epoxy coating 150 ml 1...

    Quick drying epoxy coating suitable for repairs and shaping. Without shrinkag...

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