Primers anti friction and anti corrosion

  1. INM_19747__
    € 23,40

    Rustol CIP 500 ml

    Anti corrosion primer, high strength. Penetrates and stabilizes rust. Apply d...

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  2. INM_14644__
    € 16,20

    RUSTOL antirust colourless Aer...

    Rust multifunction colourless. Stops rust and stabilize in depth. Prevents re...

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  3. INM_17160__
    € 17,70

    DPH Degreaser - Rust Remover 1...

    Ferrous metal passivation from MATT CHEM MARINE passivates surfaces with phos...

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  4. INM_18349__
    € 11,90

    Rust converter 125 ml 125 ml

    Helps protect against corrosion of oxidized ferrous metals without prior stri...

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  5. INM_12913__

    Yacht Primer 750 ml

    Yacht Primer from INTERNATIONAL is a rapid drying primer,applicable on emergi...

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  6. B27190

    Interprotect 750 ml White White

    Interprotect from INTERNATIONAL is an epoxy rapid drying primer, applicable t...

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  7. INM_18354__
    € 22,10

    DEROCHALU Renovator 1 litre

    Before paint; aluminium renovation product

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  8. INM_19749__
    € 20,60

    RUSTOL antirust galvanized asp...

    Has all the properties of Rustol colorless with an galvanized-look finish. Id...

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  9. INM_21108__
    € 29,90

    PID60 Primer 1 litre

    Anti-corrosion primer fast drying (60 min). Recoverable by mono or bi-compone...

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