The AD Guide

The New AD 2017 Guide surfs the digital wave!

The reference guide of recreational sailors, professionals and lovers of the sea is smarter thanks to the interactivity of the flashcode which delivers ever more detailed sailing advice. This latest generation barcode, provides direct access to all AD advice on the web from a smartphone. With over 9,000 articles and numerous innovations at the best market prices, the AD Guide has raised the    bar even higher and remains an indispensable tool for navigating serenely.
At hand, at home or on your boat, it will be your best guide to maintaining your boat and preparing your navigation.

The AD Guide is available in three languages : french, spanish.

Two ways to obtain your free AD Guide*

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Fast and ecological, download the catalogue directly to your computer.
When you next visit one of our AD stores, the Guide will be provided free by one of our expert advisors.

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The rates indicated in the 2017 AD Guide are valid until June 2017.