Your first purchase

Choose your product by browsing our product lines or using the search engine. You can search by keyword or by AD reference.
You access a list of products showing summary information: name, price, video (if available) and product availability. You can access the detailed profile by clicking "View".
Once on the detailed file, you access the complete description of the product's characteristics. For the products concerned, you will find a list of accessories or spare parts in a tab, or the different versions in a popup menu. You have the option to put your product, or any of its accessories, in your cart.
Once your product is placed in your cart, you may change the quantity desired. Some products, due to their technical characteristics or their size, can not be shipped to your home. In this case, they have to be collected from stores, along with the other items present in your cart. If you wish to receive deliverables directly to your home, you should make two separate baskets. The ordering process consists of four (4) successive stages. 

Once your choice of products is made ​​and your cart validated, you must: 

  • Login or create an account,
  • Choose your shipping method and include your shipping address,
Accept the general terms and conditions by checking the box provided for this purpose on the summary page of your order (entitled "Order Summary"),
  • Choose your method of payment
Once your method of payment has been selected, you must make payment for your order, which will then formalize a firm and final contract of sale between you and Accastillage Diffusion.

Mode of delivery

Products purchased on the AD English site are delivered in Western Europe.
You can also choose to have it delivered to an AD store in the network.
Your package will be delivered to the address you indicated when ordering.

An AD advisor at your side

On your first order, you are asked to choose an AD store. The seller / advisor of this store will be your contact for all your questions before and after your purchase.
The after sales service is provided by the AD store you have chosen. It is they whom you contact for any problems with the items purchased. They will tell you how to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty that covers our products. Their contact information is listed on your bill.
Beyond the manufacturer's warranty period you may also contact your AD store for any problems relating to the function of your equipment. They will advise you and offer you, after examining your unit, a repair or a replacement product.