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The anchor buoy makes it easier to free the anchor. This product can be used at depths of up to 20 m. The anchor buoy is simply adjusted to the height of the water using a winding system. It is used to quickly mark the exact position of the anchor. The anchor buoy is made from heavy-duty materials such as plastic and A316 steel. It also has a polyester strap. This is constantly wound up using a spring system. The strap on this product has a high breaking point of 500 kg, so it can be used in complete safety. This strap also makes it easy to raise the anchor. Marking your anchor is simple with this anchor buoy. The anchor buoy also has a reflective strip to ensure optimum visibility during use, even at night or in difficult weather conditions.
Product dimensions:
Diameter of buoy: 30 cm
Height: 42 cm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Technical characteristics
More Information
Actual buoyancy 120 kg
Color White
Rod diameter 16 mm
External diameter 1905
Diameter 605 mm
Product Brand Swi-Tec
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