D-SPLICER Needle Kit

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D-SPLICER needles are ideal for working with ropes that are resistant to hollow or thicker needles. They are made from stainless steel, which is resistant to moisture and salt. These needles can be used for all types of textile work: splicing, shackles, thimbles, loops, erse, textile rigging, etc.
The D-SPLICER needle kit contains:
- 2 double needles, diameter 1 mm, length 240 mm, for ropes up to 2 mm in diameter
- 2 double needles, diameter 1.5 mm, length 260 mm, for ropes between 2 and mm in diameter
- An anodised aluminium handle that resists corrosion and allows larger diameters to be worked if required.
D-SPLICER is a brand specialising in the manufacture of sailing needles for all types of sailors (sailors, sportsmen) or professionals such as riggers responsible for installing all the equipment used for manoeuvring (sails, ropes, anchors, etc.). They can also use needles with small diameters to carry out small textile jobs themselves.
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