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NAVTEX NASA CLIPPER bi-frequency with antenna

Receive the weather throughout the world thanks to the NAVTEX system .

It is a system of international coastal diffusion transmitting information concerning maritime safety (Weather bulletin, weather report, urgent information) under the Global Maritime Distress and Sea Safety System

NAVTEX CLIPPER receivers always remain on standby and record messages upon receipt.

They have an election method for messages to receive only those in the affected area.

The seas and oceans are divided into 16 zones each with one or more transmitters.

To avoid interference emissions, transmitters transmit their information in turn and at a fixed time, for 10 minutes every 4 hours.

Their range varies from 150 to 650 nautical Miles.

The receiving frequency is international (518 kHz) and messages are in English.

France has a national system (490 kHz) for receiving messages in French.

- Version bi frequency 490 and 518 Khz.
- Change frequency by a simple touch.
- Version encase-able.
- Menu in French.
- Automatic error correction.
- Extended memory.
- Text black on white background for a clear reading.
- Large LCD screen.
- Dimensions : 150x110 mm. Depth : 45 mm.
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