Tricolour + mooring light 'Tiny Tri' LEDS MANTAGUA Tricolour Mantagua

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These LED traffic lights from MANTAGUA give you maximum visibility. Extremely robust, they comply with the IP67 waterproofing standard and are supplied with their brackets.
Three versions of these products are available:
- Tiny Tri traffic light + mooring
- Tiny Tri' traffic light + mooring
- Tiny Tri' traffic light + mooring + strobo
The first model has a power consumption of 2.4 W. It measures 89 mm in height and 70 mm in diameter. It weighs just 240 g. It is suitable for boats under 20 m in length and has a glass bezel. It has WHEELMARK certification.
The 'Tiny Tri' model of tricolour light accompanied by mooring light has a range of 1 Mn (navigation lights) and 2 Mn (mooring lights). It is recommended for boats under 12 m. This product consumes 1.2 W and weighs just 72 g.
The 'Tiny Tri' tricolour mooring light comes complete with a stainless steel fixing bracket and 15 m of cable. It measures 35 mm in height and 40 mm in diameter. The support measures 60 mm.
Finally, this model of tricolour light with mooring and strobe has a power consumption of 2/4 W. It is ideal for boats under 20 m. It measures 89 mm in height, 70 mm in diameter and weighs 240 g. It has a day/night detector and part of the light in glass.'
Technical characteristics
More Information
Color Tricolor
Lighting technology Led
Type of navigation light Tricolour
Product Brand Mantagua
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