PLASTIMO informs you of this important safety warning, which applies ONLY to lifejackets fitted with a Hammar MA1 hydrostatic inflation system assembled with an ISI CO2 cylinder along associated rearming kits. Delivered from October 2019 to September 2021




  • Despite our rigorous quality control procedures, we have identified a number of lifejackets that do not meet the safety performance requirements, and are below the standards required by ISO 12402: their inflation time is over 5 sec.


  • Your safety is our top priority. As a result, we have collectively decided to extend our product recall to the lifejackets and MA1 rearming kits + ISI CO2 cylinder listed below AND THOSE ONLY. We ask you to stop using your Lifejackets equipped with the Hammar MA1 inflator and ISI CO2 cylinder pairs, as well as the MA1 + ISI CO2 rearming kits whose batch numbers and part numbers are listed below. Please return them for inspection and appropriate replacement of the Hammar MA1 inflator and ISI CO2 cylinder combo.


  • In order to carry out this free replacement operation as quickly as possible, all customers in possession of a lifejacket and/or kit mentioned above are invited to contact their point of sale/ approved servicing station, or write directly to :

(En indiquant l’adresse de livraison où vous sera retourné votre/ vos gilets + kit)


How to identify the lifejackets and/or kits affected by this recall?

⇒ STEP 1 : Check the HAMMAR inflation system batch number*:

1512-49167, 1601-52294, 1703-53783, 1704-54689, 1709-56035, 1710-56462, 1711-56776, 1802-57573, 1802-57673, 1803-57673, 1803-57673, 1805-58231, 1809-59844, 1809-59844, 1810-60085, 1811-60506, 1811-60506, 1901-61083, 1901-61083, 1903-61904, 1904-62091, 1904-62443, 1908-63812, 1910-64695, 1912-64695, 2008-68105, 2009-68255, 2009-68255, 2010-68728, 2012-68905, 2104-70969-40, 2104-70969-50, 2104-71248-10, 2104-71248-20, 2104-71248-30, 2106-72185-10, 2106-72185-10


*Delivered from October 2019 to September 2021




    ←   You can find the batch number# serie here




IMPORTANT  : PLASTIMO Lifejackets with other inflation systems are NOT affected by this product recall.


List of lifejacket part numbers concerned:



List of rearming kit part numbers concerned:

  • S28096 KIT HAMMAR MA 1 EC


PLASTIMO will replace your kit free of charge, collect the Lifejacket and ship them back to business customers.


Information: Please display the official recall document in your store for a period of 4 months and/or send it to your resellers for them to do so.


Procedure for replacing the MA1 HAMMAR + ISI CO2 cylinder free of charge

Ø  Remove and inventory vests still in store.

(1)   Notify AD of the number of references in stock to organize collection and return to Plastimo.

(2)   Inform AD of the number of vests sold (date and contact if possible)

Ø  Replacement of the MA1 + CO2 bottle assembly

(1)   Authorized stations and stores: replacement will be carried out on site in accordance with the usual MA1 overhaul procedure. Plastimo will send a sufficient number of new kits following a census of the vests concerned and/or returned by the consumer. The station/store will carry out the required change.

(2)   Non authorized stores: Collection and/or shipment of the vests to your nearest service station after identification of the vests concerned and/or returned by the consumer. The kit is changed by the Plastimo-authorised station and the modified vest is shipped back to the customer.


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