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Quantum 2 Raymarine Radar with anti-collision Doppler technology. The Raymarine Quantum 2 Next Generation CHIRP Pulse Compression Radar provides superior target detection on long and extremely short spans.

Thanks to advanced Doppler processing, the system immediately highlights the radar contacts and assigns them colour codes to indicate whether they are incoming or outgoing. With the Doppler Quantum, it is easy to distinguish potentially dangerous targets when navigating in areas of high affluence.

Easily Identify Dangerous Targets: The Raymarine Quantum 2's Doppler Target Processing quickly identifies moving radar contacts and assigns them colour codes to instantly recognize them and reduce the risk of collision.

Superior collision avoidance: The Quantum 2 compatible MARPA system provides a way to effortlessly track a dangerous target. Target Tracking Raymarine MARPA uses US Coast Guard approved technology.

Main Features:
Displays moving targets by Doppler for a better knowledge of the situation at a glance
Fully automatic ARPA target tracking, as well as MARPA manual mode
Adjustable True Trails target history showing the previous movement of mobile contacts
CHIRP pulse compression detects contacts only 6 m (18 feet) when navigating without any visibility
Range of 38 km (24 miles) for early detection of traffic, aids to navigation, drop off areas and weather
Immediate Information - Quantum turns on and becomes operational in seconds
Superior interference rejection to eliminate noise from other radars
Simplified installation via Wi-Fi connectivity or thin-wire network
Easy Upgrade - Quantum 2 accepts the same bolting configuration as other Raymarine scanners
Lightweight and easy to install - Quantum weighs up to 50% less than comparable magnetron radars
Safe Emissions - Install your Quantum anywhere onboard
Low power consumption for extended battery life under sail


Microwave energy waves are sent back by a remote target, just like traditional radars. Moving targets return echoes whose frequencies are moved up or down from what was originally transmitted. For incoming targets, the frequency increases because the leading edge of the return echoes is received more often as the target gets closer. For outgoing targets, the frequency drops because the return echoes are spaced as their distance increases. Doppler radars are designed to detect these small changes in wave frequency, and use them to classify moving radar targets.

TARGET DOPPLER PROCESSING: A Doppler radar is specially tuned to detect frequency changes in the radar echo returned from fixed and moving targets. Quantum 2 then assigns unique colour codes to moving targets to indicate if they are moving closer or farther away.
Incoming targets are displayed in red.
Outgoing targets are displayed in green.

Colour-coded targets make it easier to detect moving traffic compared to other fixed targets, such as land, aids to navigation, or stationary / anchored ships.

The Quantum 2 also has a fully automatic target acquisition and tracking system. Set up custom security or alert zones and be notified of new radar contacts entering the zone. Quantum 2 can automatically start tracking these contacts, calculate their path, speed, closest approach point, and so on. You will be notified of dangerous contacts by sound alerts and graphic elements easy to understand on the screen.

The Quantum 2 also features Raymarine's new True Trails target history display. True Trails features let you see the "wake" history of each mobile contact. This additional information further facilitates the interpretation of the movement of other vessels and allows safe manoeuvre decisions to be made.
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