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  • strong points DVB - S2 (Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite) is a standard for multimedia content by satellite transmission. Unlike its predecessor the DVB - S, DVB - S2 can now receive TV in Full HD.
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Rhea is the new Glomex satellite TV antenna, designed to offer exceptional signal reception performance, thanks to the 470mm parabolic disc (18) and reduced energy consumption (12 Vdc - 1.5 A / h). V8100S2. A gyro-stabilized antenna, equipped with a new high performance parabolic disk from the HPD (High Performance Dish) series combined with new signal search software and an innovative noise reduction system (STO) (Silent Tracking Operation). Rhéa presents improvements both mechanically and electronically. This antenna, in fact, created to achieve an elevation gain (-9 ° / + 81 °) in order to increase the receptive capacity of the signal over the latitude of northern Europe. In addition, the new technology allows the antenna to compensate for the quality due to the multiplication of satellites in orbit and transmissions on the same frequencies and ensures total silence. Easy to install, thanks to a coaxial cable (SCC) connecting the antenna to the TV; Best price / quality ratio for this DVB-S2 satellite antenna (Full HD). Compact dimensions base ø 47 cm, radome ø 50 cm height 56 ​​cm, reduced consumption (1.5Ah, 12V). Best compactness / performance compromise, ease of installation (single coaxial cable), no need to open the radome. Wireless satellite control via Bluetooth ios / android app.
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